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Marietta Learning Academy: Prenatal Brain Development Stages

Posted on 11-28-2014


The nine month period of a pregnancy is far more rewarding than the process indicates because of the prenatal development taking place. Join us at Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of East Cobb/Post Oak Tritt as we discuss the various stages of prenatal brain development and how your ‘internal care’ allows your child to grow into a functioning infant.

From week nine

During the growth period of the second trimester, the first stage of actual brain development begins. There is not as much brain development as one would see in childcare and preschool learning environments. It is during this time that your child will start developing behavioral habits and will react to movement and light intensities.

The final trimester

During the final trimester of the fetal stage your child’s brain will be growing at a rapid pace. Some evidence exists that the child will try to cover his or her eyes if a strong light is shown on the mother’s abdomen. During this stage of brain development the cerebral cortex grows bigger. Many doctors can even begin to see personalities develop. Your child will spend more time awake during this final trimester and he or she will start practicing common functions and activities such as breathing.

Your child’s prenatal months are vital for early brain development. After pregnancy, however, you certainly will want to maintain this positive progression by enrolling him or her in a top quality educational preschool like Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of East Cobb/Post Oak Tritt in Marietta. We offer specialized child care services that are far superior to other environments, while encouraging the child to grow into the champion he or she is destined to be. Contact us today for more details.

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