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The infants at Kids 'R' Kids are well on their way to a lifetime of learning with our Infant-Toddler Program. Infants as young as six weeks old are engaged in stimulating, hands-on play. Kids 'R' Kids is a place of love, growth, and discovery. Each activity is designed to assist your baby achieve developmental milestones while having fun at the same time.

Kids 'R' Kids, providing a superior Marietta preschool program, knows the importance of nurturing when it comes to babies and infants. The infant staff at Kids `R` Kids East Cobb brings over 55 years of combined infant knowledge and experience to the school. Our teachers provide hugs, love, and personal attention throughout our Infant-Toddler Program. Your infant will enjoy singing, giggling, reading, cuddling and Tummy Time in our safe, secure, state-of-the-art facility.


Our Kids 'R' Kids Infant-Toddler Program includes:

  • A comforting place that focuses on love and trust
  • Sign language techniques to maximize communication skills
  • Baby yoga stretching and strengthening to enhance motor development
  • Daily exercises and activities designed to coincide with physical development
  • Daily reports and weekly lesson plans to keep you informed of your child's development


Adventure and Growth

Learning centers, with educational and developmentally appropriate toys designed for learning, creating a bright and exciting environment for your child. Expanding their imagination and strengthening their muscles has never been more fun!

Our Marietta Kids `R` Kids provides weekly lesson plans and activities designed to assist in developing skills necessary to accomplish multiple developmental milestones. Our extensive Infant-Toddler Sign Language Program is known to eliminate frustration for babies who have yet to form their verbal vocabulary.  It introduces age-appropriate language skills for non-verbal communication.


The Infant Program

There are four essential components to our Infant program:

  • Language Development
  • Physical Development
  • Cognitive Development
  • Social and Emotional Development

Kids 'R' Kids believes in balancing fun with fitness and learning with laughter. Communicating, crawling, creating and exploring emphasizes the meaning behind developing the whole child.


Love and Laughs

With any age, there's no such thing as too much love, too many hugs, or too many giggles. As babies grow into toddlers, it's imperative to create strong bonds with families and caregivers. At Kids 'R' Kids East Cobb, you know your child is being loved, hugged and nurtured from the very beginning and as she continues to develop. That is the Kids 'R' Kids difference!


Kids `R` Kids East Cobb provides infant Educational Programs that go beyond other preschool services in the Marietta and Roswell area.


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