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Fun numerical activities for your East Cobb preschooler

Posted on 01-13-2015


Most preschool numerical activities involve counting, since children at this age are not able to grasp higher mathematical concepts. There are many numerical activities and games available which can be used to help your preschooler learn to count and begin to understand numbers.

The number tunnel game

This is a simple game that can help your young child learn about numbers. Take a long piece of cardboard, and cut out some doors along one side. Vary the shape of the doors but ensure that a small ball can fit through each one. Above each space, draw a number. Then, you can prop up this cardboard frame in a hallway or other clear area. You and your child can sit on opposite sides or on the same side and roll the ball through one of the numbered spaces. Once your child becomes comfortable, you can ask your child to roll the ball through a specific numbered door.

Connect the dots

Connect the dots is an activity that can aid your child in recognizing and identifying numbers, and it can help develop fine motor skills. Since most preschoolers can count up to ten, but only comprehend numbers up to five, use five numbers to create the activity. Make a shape, for example a star, using dots and give each dot a numerical value. Show your child how to connect the dots using a marker, and count the numbers as each dot is connected.

Get creative with a number mat

Using a similar concept as connect the dots, this activity also helps your child focus on recognizing numbers. Place a number mat on the floor and have your child stack numbered blocks matching the number on the block with the number on the mat.

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