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East Cobb child care professionals explain what your infant learns from you

Posted on 07-25-2014


Parents are an infant’s first – and most important - connection to the world. Infancy is a time of rapid brain development and through your bond with your child you become their first teacher during this critical time. Here are a few things your child will learn from you:

  • Trust: When your child fusses or cries, respond immediately to them in a positive manner, soothing them and offering exactly what they need, whether it is food, warmth, a diaper change or physical contact. This positive response teaches your child to trust you, rely on you and seek you out when they need something. This essential socio-emotional development results in a secure, confident and balanced child who is open to trust and strives for healthy relationships with others.
  • Play: Playing is pivotal to early learning, helping your child to develop cognitive, physical, socio-emotional and language skills. You are teaching your infant to play when you move them around, introduce them to toys, make funny faces and tickle their tummy. Your child thrives on this positive interaction and your praise when they learn something new. This will make playtime an even more valuable learning experience.
  • Verbal skills: Long before your child can speak, they are learning language skills. Research by the University of Washington’s Institute for Learning and Brain Sciences has shown that parents who spend plenty of time using “baby talk” to communicate with their child play an important role in maximizing this learning process. A child who is exposed to an abundance of one-on-one child talk recognized more than double the amount of words, 433 to be exact, than a child whose parents did not engage in child talk.

As a parent, there is a lot you can do to enhance your child’s early development, whether it be attending stimulating infant-oriented events like the Barnes and Noble story time sessions or by choosing an exceptional early learning center.

At Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of East Cobb / Post Oak Tritt, we go beyond what is offered by a traditional day care. Our state-of-the-art learning academy is nationally and state accredited, and offers the exclusive Brain Waves Curriculum to children between six weeks of age and five years old. This program ensures that your child receives the right targeted mental stimulation at the right time to ensure optimal brain development. Our dedicated staff strives to create a loving, trusting bond with each child in our care, helping your child to get the most out of each learning experience while receiving plenty of attention, love and support. To find out more about this curriculum and our facilities, please contact us today.

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